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Eve Loren Munsky CPA PC
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If your appointment is scheduled on a day that
inclement weather is predicted, please call the
office before heading out.   If we can't make it
into the office, Eve will call you during your
appointment time.  
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If you are using a GPS to come to the
office, please use the intersection of
North Bicycle Path and Jefferson Drive,
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
For the most part, last year's experiment was a success
and we are again requesting that clients send their
paperwork to the office a week before their tax
appointments.  Since all the benefits were explained
last year, we didn’t think it necessary to spell it out
again, however if you are curious or if you are new to
us, the links with further explanations are below. This
year, we are taking a couple of new steps to do our best
to prevent the appointment schedule from backing up.  

We are happy to help out your children with their
returns.  Please, though, if you are bringing in more
than one child’s information, book an extended
appointment – especially if the child is not with you and
you might have to call for information.

Business clients -- Tuesdays and Thursdays are
reserved for you. If we have to do processing of bank
statements and/or credit card statements, it might take
us more than a week to get your work done and we
don’t want to run the risk of scheduling an appointment
and not being prepared or worse, scrambling to try to
get your work done quickly and risking errors.  We also
want to make sure that you have ample time to supply
us with information and ask all your questions.  Please,
if you have a business, even if it’s a little business,
send us the information we need to process as quickly
as possible.  Most business owners have already been
called to get us everything but the last month so that
we can get a good jump start before we get busy.  When
we are sure that we have all of the statements that we
need and we have finished processing, we will call and
get you in on the next available Tuesday or Thursday.

Can’t wait to see you all!

For the long explanation, click here.

Click here and I'll dispell some rumors about dropping
papers at our office.  

We have an email address set up just for tax papers.
Its  Our fax number is 631-751-
2386.  That is a secure fax line that delivers your
information as a .pdf to our email.  Large files can
be sent using the file sender option on the menu above.

Click here for a cover sheet to transmit your tax papers.
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