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If your appointment is scheduled on a day that
inclement weather is predicted, please call the
office before heading out.   If we can't make it
into the office, Eve will call you during your
appointment time.  
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Last year, a very good/bad thing happened to my
practice.  We literally ran out of appointments for
people to come in during tax season.  While it should
have been good for the ego, I am way too much of a
people pleaser to have found it satisfying.  Instead, I
was disheartened that people I have known for years
would not be able to come in to have their taxes
prepared.  Necessity being the mother of invention, we
decided to implement "the drop off option" which was a
similar system to what we had been using with
out-of-town clients for years.  We had clients send their
tax documents to us via an electronic means or drop
them off at the office.  I smirked a little every time I
heard one of my staff say that I would do the returns in
my spare time.  As if, reclining on the couch,  I would
casually put down my knitting needles and pick up a tax

To our surprise, we found that the drop off option was,
for the most part, successful.  Some people were happy
they didn't have to make time for an appointment, but
most still wanted a little face time. While we also missed
a lot of faces, we found that the drop off option had a lot
of advantages.  For this season, we are going to try a
hybrid -- a compromise position that combines the best
of both worlds.  We are shortening each appointment
and encouraging clients to drop off, fax or email their
information to us at least a week prior to their
appointment time.  There are a bunch of reasons why
this is an advantage to you.

Click here and I'll spell them out.

Click here and I'll dispell some rumors about dropping
papers at our office.  

We have a new email address set up just for tax papers.
Its  Our fax number is
631-751-2386.  That is a secure fax line that delivers
your information as a .pdf to our email.  Large files can
be sent using the file sender option on the menu above.

Click here for a cover sheet to transmit your tax papers.
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